...Starring Angus Macfadyen
...Starring Angus Macfadyen
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Latest Head Shots
Check out the lastest News updates below.
Check out the lastest News updates below.









'Macbeth Unhinged' Latest Trailer. 

Mr. Macfadyen has wrapped filming 'The Lost City of Z,' in the role of "James Murray." The film costars Charlie Hunnam, Sienna Miller, Tom Holland, and Robert Pattinson, and is being directed by James Gray for Paramount Pictures and Plan B Entertainment. Release date TBA.





Mr. Macfadyen is currently appearing in 'The Pinkertons,' in the role of "Allan Pinkerton"
* the series debuted 04 October 2014 in the US *


'Turn: Washington's Spies' renewed for Season Three on AMC

'Turn: Washington's Spies' on IMDB.com.

Latest Trailer.

'Turn' Red Carpet Premiere on 24 Mar 14 in Washington, D.C.

Latest Trailer.

From Angus, 24 Dec 13: 

"Just finished acting in a film I wrote yesterday called SHE RISES.... 

Please send everyone my best for the holidays and the new year."

'H4' was screened at the 49th Annual Chicago International Film Festival, on October 19-20, 2013. Information on the event was available here.

Mr. Macfadyen is currently appearing in the film, 'Copperhead,' as "Jee Hagadorn." The film costars Billy Campbell and Peter Fonda, and was directed by Ronald F. Maxwell for Swordspoint Productions.

Mr. Macfadyen has completed a TV pilot, 'The Trouble With Billy,' as "Victor de la Warre." The series costars William McNamara, and is being produced by Company Pictures.

Mr. Macfadyen has completed filming 'The Greater Sins of Lucas Blackstone,' (A.K.A. 'Taken By Grace') in the title role. The film costars Haylie Duff and Bradley Dorsey, and was directed by Roger Lindley for White Door Media and Dorsey Productions.

Mr. Macfadyen costarred in 'We Bought a Zoo,' in the role of the zookeeper, "Peter MacCready." The film costarred Matt Damon, Scarlett Johansson, Elle Fanning and Thomas Haden Church, and was directed by Cameron Crowe for Twentieth Century Fox. Release date was 23 Dec 11. DVD/Blu-ray release date: 03 Apr 12.

We Bought a Zoo

Mr. Macfadyen completed filming 'Shakespeare's Henry IV' (AKA 'H4',) in the role of "Sir John Falstaff." The film was directed by Paul Quinn and Dwain Perry, and produced by Harry J. Lennix. Release date TBA. Kickstarter Project opened on 06 Jun 12, through 06 Jul 12.

Mr. Macfadyen completed filming 'Sugar,' in the role of "Uncle Gene." The film costarred Natassja Kinski, Wes Studi and Shenae Grimes, and was being directed by Rotimi Rainwater for Big Sugar Films and Village Entertainment. Release date TBA.

Mr. Macfadyen completed filming 'Hirokin: The Last Samurai,' in the role of "Moss." The indie costarred Julian Sands, Wes Bentley, Jessica Szohr and Laura Ramsey, and was written and directed by Alejo Mo-Sun for Mo-Sun Welteroth Media Productions. DVD released in UK on 01 Jun 12.

Mr. Macfadyen completed filming 'Pound of Flesh' (AKA 'Killer Grade',) in the role of "Patrick Kelly." The indie costarred Malcolm McDowell, Timothy Bottoms and Dee Wallace, and was directed by Tamar Simon Hoffs. This film was released on 08 Oct 11, on Showtime.

Mr. Macfadyen completed filming 'Shadows of the White Nights,' in the role of "Richard." The film costarred Christian Slater, Cole Hauser and Sofia Arzhakovskaya, and was directed by Robert Crombie for Globus Films. Release date TBA.

Music by Angus Macfadyen

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Further news details will be posted as they are confirmed. If you have information or materials related to any of Mr. Macfadyen's projects, and would like to share them with his many fans around the world, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you so much!

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