Birthday Page

Mr. Macfadyen appreciates everyone's lovely cards, greetings, and well-wishes.

This page is now reactivated for your contributions of birthday wishes, 

art, scanned cards, music, et al., in celebration of Mr. Macfadyen's birthday

on September 21, 2018.  All entries sent to will be

uploaded and shared in the order they are received. Thank you for your annual participation. \o/

Dear Angus,

     Happy Birthday!!!! I hope it's awesome and full of love, joy, fun, and light. Blessed Be.

 Deborah Canaday
 Orlando, Florida

To Angus

Happy birthday
Have a great day

Angie Douglas x

majikwood 2018

Happy Birthday to you Angus Macfadyen. 

Have a wonderful day with your family and friends. Blessings for continued success in your life. 

Karen Podd, Queensland, Australia.

Mr. Mac
To you the Best of Birthday Wishes and that all your Dreams and Hopes come true.
Enjoy your day knowing you are loved by so many fans.

Wishing you lots of love and light on your birthday. Not to mentions a few laughs:

Happy Birthday Angus, from the land of up high, lol.

Susan Taylor :)

Pine, Colorado

Mary Rico Happy berthday Mr.Macfadyen


Happy birthday Angus! Next time you film in Montana let me know, I’ll bake for the crew!


Happy birthday! Sending my best wishes. 
Roxana Cameron