Birthday Page

Mr. Macfadyen appreciates everyone's lovely cards, greetings, and well-wishes.

This page has been reactivated for your contributions of birthday wishes, 

art, scanned cards, music, et al., in celebration of Mr. Macfadyen's birthday

on September 21.  All entries sent to will be

uploaded and shared in the order they are received. Thank you for your annual participation. \o/

Happy birthday Angus
Have a great day
Angie Douglas x

Happy BIRTHDAY Angus from old friend Karl. 
May you forge ahead as the warrior you are in all you do. KT

April Bettie Page 

Happy Birthday Angus. Thank you for all the great performances.

Marialice Powers

Helen McCaffrey 

A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY and many more healthy ones.

John H Harris 

Happy Birthday, Mr. MacFadyen! May the Universe grant you as many more as you can handle.

Tammie Davis 

Happy Birthday, you mercenary. Thank you for all your honest, genuine and realistic character portrayals. 

You are a great pleasure to watch. And you aren't too bad to look at either. ๐Ÿ˜˜


Brook Boshaw



Shonna Rhein- Gariepy 

Happy birthday, Angus! I trust, as ever, there will be shenanigans! Have a lovely one!

Sharon Andrus 


Happy Birthday, Angus! Hope you have the best day ever!

Ubiquitously Corinn 

Happy Earth day Angus! Have an amazing day of fun and frivolity. xox


Laurie Anderson


HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROBERT ROGERS! TURN was great, I will miss it!



Happy Birthday! We have to stop meeting like this every year. My wife is starting to get suspicious...

Trish Lambert


The happiest of birthdays is wished for you, Angus.

Brian Oldfield



Miquette Caalsen 

Canty birthday! (Sincerely hope I got that right!) May your life be filled with blessings and joy from now till forever!


Annette McDonald 

Angus, co-là breith sona dhut! Have a really Great Day!



Susan Taylor

Kelly Wollesen Scott 


Happy Birthday Angus! Have a fabulous day!

David Hauslein 


Happy Birthday Angus! Look forward to seeing you in #BuckRunMovie!

Sue Duran 


OH! Happy birthday, Angus!!

Morag Black 


Happy birthday Angus from a blast from the past! 

Will you wear your wellies like you did at the last birthday of yours I was at???๐Ÿ˜Š

Katie Schneller Schell 

Happy Birthday, Angus!! I hope you spend your day doing exactly what you want. 

I love your role in Equilibrium best of all!! 

From Katie in West Virginia  

Your birthday evening in a small town. 
Best wishes to you in the coming year. 
Roxana Cameron

Sorcia Reede

Happy Belated Birthday Big Man!! xx