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Television Movies

'The Lost Language of Cranes' as "Philip Benjamin" (BBC, 1991)—DVD Released 29 May 07

'15: The Life and Death of Philip Knight' as "David McBride" (Yorkshire Television, 1993)
A Yorkshire Television production by screenwriter Jeremy Brock and director Peter Kominsky that tells the true story of a 15-year-old boy who committed suicide in 1990 while incarcerated in a Welsh prison. Winner of the New York Film and Television Festival Silver Medal and Best Single Drama Prix Europa in 1994.

'Two Golden Balls' as "Dexter" (Bard Entertainment, 1994)
A BBC TV production about a porn star who takes an ordinary British housewife and opens her eyes to a whole new world. Written by Maureen Chadwick and directed by Anya Camilleri.

'The Rat Pack' as "Peter Lawford" (HBO, 1998)
'The Rat Pack' debuted on HBO on August 22, 1998. Just prior to this, there was a media and press screening held at the Desert Inn, in Las Vegas, Nevada, where decks of playing cards were distributed to the attendees. 

'Jason and the Argonauts' as "Zeus" (Hallmark Entertainment, 2000)

'Blackbeard' as "Blackbeard" (Hallmark Entertainment, 2006)—DVD Released 11 Jul 06

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